About Us

Aksaara (A Venture by Abhishek Manuja & Tanushree Manuja)

Aksaara is here to cater to all your needs related to paper, printing and celebration. So as we prepare together for your special day....... Wonders are certain to happen!!!

"Aksaara", which in words means a letter and further it is derived from Sanskrit meaning of which is "eternal " or " imperishable".

We as a company wanted the guests to feel the same feelings, which we feel while designing an invite. The guest should have the same eternal feel of your precious invite and they acknowledge it with their hearts full of love and desire. For us these invitations should be like a connection between the heart and mind as the heart feels it and the mind follows to comply.

We would like devote our full time and attention to each invitation as importantly as this is to you as an invitee and make sure that the invite has a look and feel of your personality.

In accordance with our designs, we also have a range and style to accessorize your invite to suit your messages, these accessories match the themes which range from traditional to modern or to something complete new which you want.